Terms and conditions

Conditions Your Local Guide completion of the agreement

1.0 an agreement will be concluded if Your Local Guide the customer sends the customer a confirmation and this confirmed within 8 days.

1.1 the one acting on behalf of or for the benefit of the agreement, the group is jointly and severally liable for all obligations under this conditions.

1.2 Your Local Guide reserves the right to make changes to the program as before reasonable grounds.

Tour amount

2.0 In the excursion amount set out in the quotation is stated, all described in the program costs included.

2.1 In the excursion amount is the cost of a travel, cancellation and/or luggage insurance is not included.

2.2 the prices indicated in the quotation are based on the prices and conditions as were known during the preparation of the tender. Only price changes by third parties are subject to change and will always be with the customer. Modifications by the customer by the customer on the final program

3.0 Changes as far as this is possible can be honoured. For these changes can handling fee will be charged.

Cancellation by the customer

4.0 when a booking is made, undo, the following amounts will be charged, unless otherwise agreed; in case of cancellation within 2 days prior to the start of the program, 50 percent of the sum will be charged. If cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the programme, the total sum will be charged.

4.1 reducing the number of participants within a 10% margin can free of charge up to 2 days. Then a service charge.

Cancellation by Your Local Guide

5.0 If due to circumstances Your Local Guide decision to cancel a program, the customer is immediately informed and any sums paid refunded.

5.1 Your Local Guide does not accept any liability for costs already incurred by the customer, if a program does not. Payment

6.0 all costs are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of reservation costs € 12.50 ad. The invoice amount shall, within 14 days after the invoice date to be satisfied.


7.0 participation in a program of Your Local Guide is at your own risk. 7.1 in accordance with the article in the Civil Code article 46i point is the distance selling contract not applicable to our services.