Battle of Arnhem

The Battle of Arnhem was one of the most impressive events during the 2nd World War. More than 10.000 British and Polish soldiers were dropped behind enemy lines to take and hold the bridge over the river Rhine. After 3 days and 4 nights of heavy fighting they had to give up….

We will see several important sites and memorials during this interesting tour. Of course the John Frost bridge, photos and plaques which refer to these days in September 1944 and had a huge impact on the history of Arnhem.

You can choose to take this tour by bike, and then complete this with a visit to the Airborne War Cemetary in Oosterbeek and/or the Airborne Museum. Ask for the possibilities!


  • John Frost bridge

  • Airborne square

  • Eusebius church

  • Lots of memorials

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